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Indoor hydroponic garden with bright lighting and rows of marijuana plants

Lite It Up Hydroponics is a local, family-owned business based in Edmonton, Alberta. We specialize in hydroponic growing systems known for their high crop yield and space-saving benefits. This technique has revolutionized the agriculture industry, and now we would like to bring it to passionate, hobbyist gardeners across Canada. Our goal is to provide easy-to-follow advice on different growing styles and techniques, along with quality gardening equipment to help make your hobbyist garden a success. Browse our online store and start your hydroponic garden today!

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The Future of Gardening Is Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponics is a gardening method that has gained immense popularity among farmers and passionate, hobbyist gardeners around the world. This method opts to grow plants without soil. Instead of being grown in soil, plants are supported by a trellis or cage and grown in nutrient-rich water that is designed to optimize growth. This allows plants’ roots to directly access the nutrients they need, speeding up the growing process and improving crop yields.

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Whether you are looking to start a hobbyist garden in Ontario or any other place in the world, hydroponics is the best option. The equipment can be designed for your space, meaning your greenhouse can be as small or as large as you would like it to be. Hydroponics methods are also incredibly accessible for both amateur and expert growers alike. Anyone can achieve fuller, healthier plants when they choose Lite It Up Hydroponics.

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Soil substitute, Grow Lights & Other Hydroponics Basics

Growers across Canada thinking of creating their own hydroponic garden can find everything they need at Lite It Up Hydroponics. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of affordable, high-quality products to help you get started. We sell everything you need for your hydroponic system, from soil substitute and a lighting system to plant food and nutrient solutions. Those looking to expand their yields can also find everything they need. Our extra-large grow tents, propagation tools and other hardware will allow you to make your setup bigger and better than ever before. Browse our online store to find the products and solutions you need or visit us in-store in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Nutrient Solution

Indoor hydroponic garden with bright lighting and rows of marijuana plants

Plants need nutrients like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen and potassium to thrive and grow. These nutrients encourage plants to grow larger and create higher crop yields. But what if most of these nutrients are lost in soil?  Plants receive these nutrients from water that they absorb through their roots, but when a plant is rooted in soil, more of the water’s nutrients can be captured by the soil. As a result, plants struggle to access all of the nutrients they need.

In hydroponics, nutrient solutions including phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, potassium and more are added directly to the water that the plants grow in. This means that they do not need to struggle to access the food that is essential for their growth, it is right in the water that they grow in! Lite It Up Hydroponics sells various nutrient solutions to ensure that your crops will grow large and full in a short amount of time. Browse our nutrient solutions to discover the perfect one for your hobbyist garden.

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Just like grass, trees and other plants, your hobbyist garden needs essential nutrients, heat, light and water to produce large leaves and a great harvest. If your environment doesn’t match these conditions, you may have a hard time achieving a high crop yield. Thankfully, any indoor location can be turned into a thriving greenhouse using hydroponics.

Using nutrient-rich water, temperature control and a quality lighting system, you will see your plants grow visibly larger, faster. Cloudy days will not affect your plants’ rate of growth because indoor grow lights offer a constant source of energy for your plants. A nutrient solution will also encourage germination and set them up for success.

You’ll be able to notice the difference between normally-grown plants and those grown using hydroponics. Larger quantities, shorter growing times and healthier, fuller plants will cause you to choose hydroponics as your go-to growing technique for the future. Shop now to find everything you need for your hydroponic system.

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Lite It Up Hydroponics knows how hard it can be to grow. That’s why we offer constant support for our customers, even long after we have done business with them. Whether customers are seeking growing advice, need guidance on how to set up their new device, or simply have a question, our staff can help. Contact us today via email or give us a call at 825-333-4200.