4'x4'x6.6'Cool tube beginner kit




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About this Product


We have put together some complete kits for the new grower looking to try there hand in indoor gardening.Beginner kit includes but not limited to the following

(1)4’x 4’x 6.6′ Grow tent

(1) 6″ inline fan

(1) 6″ carbo filter

(1) 25’x 6″ length of ducting hose

(4) 6″ducting clamps

(1) light timer

(4) adjustable ratchet hangers

(1) 6″ vented hood refletor

(1) dimmable ballast

(1) MH bulb

(1) hydrometer

(4) 1 Gallon pots

(1) set of base nutrients

(1) bag of coco coir

(1) ph control kit

(1)10″x20″ humidity dome for sprouts or clones

(1) 7 g jar of clonning gel

(1) pair of grow room glasses

(20) jiffy cococ pucks

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