7up Stash Cans




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About this Product


  • The best place to hide anything is in plain sight.
  • Perfect for home office school travel RV’s and boats.  Practical gift for any occasion.
  • Stash your cash, jewelry or valuables in a handy can safe. Looks right at home in the fridge or bar. Good for holding cash and jewelry.
  • 7up Stash Can and Safe Box hides all your valuables in this real soda can. Unscrew the top to access inside the can. The can weight and feels the same as a unused one . Hide it in a 12 pack or amongst other can in refrigerator or cooler to make it almost impossible to find or use your imagination to find new place to hide in plain sight .
  • This soda can safe box is literraly amazing when use as directed. Hide your keys, money and jewelry at the beach, the lake, in the car and many other places even in your back pack or lunch case…  You can even buy the drink no one likes but you or the one that the coming nosy guest truly hate or will never drink

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