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About this Product


Myco-Grow is a wettable powdered form, super concentrated 4 specie-consortium of highly pure and viable propagules of endomycorrhizal fungi with added soluble yucca extract and soluble kelp.

This customized blend is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the plant by rapidly colonizing and expanding the root system (up to 100-1000 times). Myco-Grow achieves this by forming a symbiotic relationship with the existing root system and extending into the surrounding rhizosphere, which in turn drastically increases the plants’ ability to uptake water and nutrients, promoting superior crop quality, faster root growth, extreme drought tolerance, and maximum crop yields.



  • Shelf life is guaranteed for 2 years
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place below 4-16°C (40-61°F)

Don’t Forget…

  • Myco-Grow™ Root Inoculant contains living organisms & microbes
    • Avoid use of hydrogen peroxide, fungicides or herbicides that may compromise the beneficial microbes inherent in this product
  • This product is extremely beneficial for plants, however, it is not intended for human or animal consumption
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Avoid inhalation or contact with eyes, mouth or nose
  • Typically, one root drench will provide enough inoculum for the entire life-cycle of your plants, however, it can be beneficial to re-apply.

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