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About this Product


Floralicious bloom 1-1-1: a bio plant stimulator and nutrient supplement specifically blended for fruiting or flowering stages of growth. Promotes maximum flower size and fruit swelling for heavier yields. Offers phenomenal flavor and bouquet upon harvest. Leads to more vibrant coloration and improved overall crop appearance. Made from a highly concentrated blend of bioactive microbial, plant, marine plants and mineral extracts. Guided by the latest scientific findings, our unique fermentation process creates a potent blend of phyto stimulants and bio metabolic precursors that enables Floralicious to bring out your plants’ full genetic potential. Floralicious augments metabolic activity in the root zone, stimulates Krebs cycle metabolism and facilitates mineral transport and bioconversion. In addition, Floralicious enhances polyamine synthesis and encourages the biosynthesis of complex secondary aromatic compounds. Floralicious contains a perfect balance of vitamins, phytohormones, humic acids, polysaccharides, fructans, beta-glucans, l-amino acids and polyflavonoids. Floralicious leads to hydroponics with flavor and incredible yields.

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